Letters from the Chief 2021-2022

Update on June 28 Weapon Discharge

Dear UMB Community,

Yesterday afternoon, a gun was discharged in the 700 block of West Lombard Street near the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. No one was injured or struck in this incident. I know many of you have questions about what happened. I am committed to being fully transparent, so I want to provide you with updated information about what happened yesterday and a reminder about safety resources at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB).

A UMB police officer and a Baltimore police officer heard a gunshot and saw a suspect holding the gun at 2:36 p.m. Both officers were immediately on the scene and radioed for back-up. The suspect was immediately arrested, and there was no subsequent danger to the University community. While we work tirelessly to deter and prevent crime on our campus, our data-driven patrol strategy ensured that a UMB police officer was seconds away, leading to a speedy and successful resolution. I am proud of the quick action of these officers.

I want to again highlight that no one was injured in yesterday’s incident and no members of the UMB community were targeted. We were able to quickly work with our partners in the UMB Office of Emergency Management, Office of Communications and Public Affairs, University of Maryland Medical Center, and Baltimore Police Department to ensure that our community was safe and informed. 

I have heard from some of you regarding the timeliness of the UMB Alert sent at 3:20 p.m. When sending a UMB Alert, we always have to consider the balance between speed and accuracy. In a life-threatening situation, we will always prioritize speed to ensure that our community can take swift action. Yesterday, knowing that the suspect was in immediate custody and there was no threat to our community, we prioritized accuracy. I know this is a small consolation for those of you in the area who were concerned and awaiting information. I have heard your concerns, and we will continue to learn and improve to ensure that we get the most accurate information to you as quickly as possible. 

Please take a moment to review resources available at UMB:

The UMB Police Department is available 24/7. Our security officers can be found in most University buildings during business hours. Our police officers continuously patrol on foot and in their vehicles. We are always a quick phone call away – 410-706-6882. In an emergency, always call 911.


Thomas Leone, MSL
UMB Chief of Police

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