Emergency Garage Closures

Time to Plan

Know what to do in the event of an emergency garage closure BEFORE you come to campus.

During an emergency – such as winter weather, a hurricane, civil unrest, or a power outage – Penn St. garage and all 24-hour campus garages will remain open. However, non-24 hour garages (Pearl St. and Saratoga garages) will close and parkers will need to park in garages as defined below.

24 Hour Garages

Open all days and times, even during emergencies, unless otherwise noted.

  • Baltimore Grand
  • Lexington
  • Plaza
  • Pratt

Non-24 Hour Garages

Not open during emergencies:

  • Pearl
  • Saratoga

Open during emergencies:

  • Penn

Emergency Garage Relocation Plan

  • Pearl parkers go to Baltimore Grand
  • Penn parkers may park in Pratt or Penn
  • Saratoga parkers go to Baltimore Grand

Important Details

  • UMB Alerts will notify registered users that Emergency Garage Plans are in effect. Sign up for alerts here. (FPI, please use code FPI; UMMC, please use code UMMC.)
  • If possible, signage will be located at garage entryways detailing where you should park when your garage is closed.
  • Use your regular access card when entering and exiting a 24-hour garage in an emergency situation ONLY.
  • Always consult the UMB Alerts page regarding any campus emergency situation to get current updates.