February 2021

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February 23, 2021  |  A regulatory trend toward health literacy is improving understanding and producing healthier outcomes, according to Christopher R. Trudeau, JD.

February 18, 2021  |  Noted author, historian, and Boston University professor tells UMB audience recognizing existence of racial disparities and exploring their causes is first step toward being anti-racist.

February 18, 2021  |  Addition of Hagerstown Community College and Allegany College of Maryland completes formal partnerships with every community college in Maryland that offers an Associate Degree in Nursing program.

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February 18, 2021  |  The University of Maryland Graduate School Partnering with International Educational Institutions to Launch Innovative Vulnerability & Violence Reduction Degree in Fall 2021

February 18, 2021  |  Landmark animal study provides alarming new evidence on permanent damage caused by opioid use during pregnancy.

February 12, 2021  |  On the Feb. 11, 2021, edition of "Virtual Face to Face with President Bruce Jarrell," a look at the challenges facing families and children during the pandemic.

February 9, 2021  |  UMSON deanship will carry Conway name

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February 9, 2021  |  University of Maryland School of Medicine Uniquely Positioned to Link Basic Science Research to Clinical Trials.

February 5, 2021  |  Pharmacy alum calls on UMB to further civil rights leader’s vision as country combats COVID-19 and systemic racism.

February 4, 2021  |  Calls to 1-800-701-9863 average 15 active cases a day

February 2, 2021  |  Dr. Chen will serve a four-year term on the advisory committee that sets recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines and other immunization practices for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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February 1, 2021  |  Research in Baltimore & College Park Tackles Critical Issues in the State and Globally

February 1, 2021  |  Research in Baltimore and College Park tackles critical issues in the state of Maryland and globally.

February 1, 2021  |  Higher Education Research and Development survey ranking validates singular research operation at University of Maryland on national level.

January 29, 2021  |  On the Jan. 28 edition of Virtual Face to Face with President Bruce Jarrell, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott discusses his plans to make the city safer, cleaner, better educated, and more equitable.