Summer 2022

  • The Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) received an invitation to attend the MSCHE Self- Study

Fall 2022

  • Members of the Office of the Provost staff and other key staff attended Self-Study Institute held to orient institutions beginning Self-Study, and MSCHE’s Annual Meeting
  • Steering Committee co-chairs chosen by president and nominations for Steering Committee made
  • Board of Regents designees to Steering Committee named

Spring 2023

  • Steering Committee named and the Self-Study Logistics Committee created
  • Steering Committee chooses Self-Study Design
  • Working Groups created and leadership chosen
  • Self-Study information and communication campaign begun
  • University hosts visit of MSCHE liaison
  • Draft Self-Study Design completed and submitted to MSCHE
  • Self-Study design finalized and accepted by MSCHE
  • Working Group leaders populate their groups and begin study of lines of inquiry

Summer 2023

  • Logistics team assembles and organizes supporting Working Groups by designating a Logistics Committee member to serve as liaison
  • Committee members review MSCHE requirements and publications
  • Evidence Inventory Middle States (EMIS) site created and distributed to Working Groups for document posting

Fall 2023

  • Steering Committee oversees research and reporting by Working Groups
  • Evidence Inventory
  • Working Groups engage the University community through town halls
  • Working Groups prepare annotated outline of draft report (September 18)
  • Working Groups submit First Rough Draft (November 20)
  • Committee members attend MSCHE Annual Meeting

Spring 2024

  • Self-Study retreat for Steering Committee.
  • Working Groups submit Second Draft to readers for review (January 12)
  • Working Groups submit final reports (March 8)
  • MSCHE selects and notifies UMB of the evaluation team
  • University approves the selection of the evaluation team
  • University and team chair select dates for team visit and for the chair’s preliminary visit
  • University sends a copy of the Self-Study design to the evaluation team

Fall 2024

  • University reviews draft Self-Study
  • University sends evaluation team chair draft Self-Study requesting feedback
  • Board of Regents reviews draft Self-Study
  • University hosts simulated Self-Study site visit
  • Team chair makes preliminary visit to UMB
  • University prepares final version of the Self-Study
  • MSCHE reveals dates of evaluation team visit

Spring 2025

  • University sends final report to evaluation team and MSCHE at least six weeks prior to team visit
  • University hosts evaluation team
  • University receives and reviews team report
  • University writes and submits institutional response to team report

Summer to Fall 2025

  • MSCHE Committee on Evaluation meets to act on University’s Self-Study Report
  • MSCHE “action” letter sent to President Jarrell