Frequently Asked Questions

When do I seek help from International Operations vs. the Center for Global Engagement? 

If it's related to academics like faculty-led trips, international research, and student travel, the Center for Global Engagement is your subject matter expert!

International Operations is the team to ask if it's related to international travel, safety and security, procurement, finance, human resources, compliance, and other operational areas.

Not sure? Contact both teams at, and we'll help you figure it out!

Can you help us make a payment to an international collaborator?  

Yes! International Operations will be able to guide you through UMB and MGIC policies and procedures, as appropriate, to make your international payment. Contact us at 

For more information visit International Finance and Procurement 

Questions or concerns about your upcoming international trip? 

We can help! Before departure, contact the Global Hub or check the International Safety & Security team’s availability to directly request a pre-departure security briefing. It is a great opportunity to ask questions about your destination country and learn more about how UMB can support your while traveling. 

For more information visit International Travel

Looking to hire local staff / on-the-ground support? 

Contact us at providing us with details and we will be able to guide you through UMB and MGIC policies and procedures.

For more information visit Setting Up a New International Presence

Need advice on IT support and international data security for your project? 

International Operations will provide you with advice on how to protect your data as you conduct international business. Contact us at 

For more information visit International IT