Student Enrollment

Summer 2019  headcount enrollment is 2,009, an increase of 2% from summer 2018 enrollment of 1,967.  Increased enrollments occur in Graduate School master’s programs affiliated with Pharmacy, doctoral Nursing Practice, and the Graduate School doctoral program in Social Work.  Enrollments decreased in undergraduate Nursing, Master of Public Health, and Graduate School master’s programs affiliated with Medicine.

Spring 2019  headcount enrollment is 6,678, a decrease of 0.1% from spring 2018 enrollment of 6,687. Increases in professional practice nursing and Graduate School pharmacy master's and certificate program enrollments are offset by lower enrollments in professional practice pharmacy, Graduate School medicine and nursing master's, and  Law master's programs. 

Winter 2019 headcount enrollment was 147, which was 30 percent more than the winter 2018 term enrollment of 113. Enrollment consisted of coursework for students in the undergraduate medical and research technology (6), masters in public health (1), and professional PharmD (140) programs.


Fall 2018 enrollment is 6,777, an increase of 1.1 percent from fall 2017 enrollment of 6,703. Increases in Graduate School certificate, graduate Pharmacy, Day Law, and professional Nursing program enrollments are partially offset by lower enrollments in undergraduate Medical and Research Technology, graduate Law and Nursing, Evening Law, and professional Pharmacy programs.

The fall 2018 term includes the first enrollments for the post-baccalaureate certificates in Regulatory Science and Science Communication and the post-doctoral certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-Family. The enrollment file also includes 36 intercampus (visiting) students, Level Code IC, not included in enrollment data reported for the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Summer 2018 UMB enrollment is 1,967, an increase of 6 percent from summer 2017 enrollment of 1,860. Increased enrollments occur in doctoral Nursing Practice, undergraduate Nursing, Master of Science in Law, and Evening professional law programs. Enrollments decreased in Day professional law, Master of Public Health, and Master of Social Work programs.