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Fiscal Year 2023 Education Aid

$190,955,294 of education aid was put to use by University of Maryland, Baltimore students in Fiscal Year 2023. This amount of funding was 1.6% higher compared to Fiscal Year 2022.

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Education Aid summaries provide grouped data using the categories of awards as defined by the Maryland Higher Education Commission. Learn more.

2023 UMB Education Aid Summaries:

2023 Education Aid Awards by School:

2022 and 2023 UMB Education Aid Comparisons

2023 Additional Reports (Scholarship Awards, Institutional Awards)


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Category Types:

Loans: Education assistance that requires repayment in service or cash. Loan specifics.

Scholarships: Education assistance awards that are made primarily based on criteria other than demonstrated financial need such as scholastic achievement, athletic skills, community involvement, or other criteria. The awards may be made from state, federal, institutional, or private sources. Scholarship specifics.

Grants: Education assistance awards that are made primarily on the basis of financial needs and require no repayment in service or cash. This includes aid programs where the most important criterion is need. Grant specifics.

Work-Study: Education assistance awarded to pay for employment provided to students based on financial need, merit, or mission-related goals. These also include work-study programs funded by the federal government as well as student employment programs financed solely with institutional or other nongovernmental funds. However, this category does not include regular employees taking courses or employment that is not part of a formal education package. Work-Study specifics.