Evidence Inventory Management System

Evidence Inventory Management System (EIMS)

The 2025 Middle States Logistics Committee, in conjuction with the Center for Information Technology Services, developed the Evidence Inventory Managment System (EIMS) to facilitate the collection and organization of documentation supporting the 2025 Middle States Self-Study.  EIMS users include members of the 2025 Middle States Steering Committee and their associated Working Groups as well as members of the 2025 Middle States Logistics Committee. 

EIMS can be accessed via links on this page utilizing the single sign-on UMB Portal. 

Have a Question or Problem with EIMS?

Contact 2025 Middle States Logistics Committee staff at middlestates_eims@umaryland.edu

Important Dates

October 30, 2023 - EIMS Opens for Submission of Evidence

March 8, 2024 - Evidence Submission due for Working Group Third Draft


Login Procedure and Instructions

The login for the Evidence Inventory Management System (EIMS) is integrated into the UMB Portal (Single Sign On).  Separate login IDs and passwords are not needed.

Ther same link to EIMS is used by all system users, regardless of role.

  • Link to EIMS (dual factor authentication required)

EIMS User Roles

  • Contributor - Can upload or select files and submit them as evidence for assigned Standard of Accreditation for review and approval by Managers
  • Manager - Can review and approve or reject evidence submitted for approval within assigned Standard of Accreditation
  • External - Can view approved evidence for assigned Standard(s) of Accreditation
  • System Administrator - Performs administrative tasks within assigned Standard(s) of Accreditation