Accreditation and Assessment Unit

The Accreditation and Assessment Unit is a cross-functional team which meets bi-weekly to serve as a resource for accreditation activities across all schools and programs, prepares for upcoming Middle States Annual Institutional Update and midpoint and verification reporting obligations, and catalogs and monitors assessment methods utilized across schools and programs to promote the use of best practices.  The unit was formed in response to 2016 Middle States Site Team suggestions relating to Standard 7: Institutional Assessment.  The team suggested that UMB periodically evaluate the effectiveness and comprehensiveness of its institutional assessment processes.  Click on the following link to view the principal functions of the Accreditation and Assessment Unit


Accreditation and Assessment Unit Members

Karen D. Matthews, DM, MPA

Director, Strategic Planning and Assessment


Tricia D. O'Neill, JD

Assistant Vice President for Special Projects


Megan Bruce Bojo, MSW

Executive Director, Academic Administration


Gregory C. Spengler, MPA

Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness