The 2021-2022 curriculum consists of 12 mandatory seminars including the opening reception and graduation.

Opening Reception September Cohort X meet and greet and overview of program requirements and expectations.
A Presidential Perspective October Dr. Jarrell will share insights from his own leadership journey.
Where've You Been,
Where're You Going?
November The facilitators will share their curriculum vitae (CV) with the group, discuss their respective career paths and professional goals, and discuss resume/CV tips for people at all levels of professional development. 

Leadership, what is it? How do I get there?


The facilitator will discuss the importance of leadership in professional organizations and its impact on on-the-job leadership capacity.

Organizational and Professional Goal Setting Achievement



Bragging Rights &

Managing Up, Down & Sideways


Bragging Rights: Countless people have difficulty talking about themselves and their achievements. They have difficulty acknowledging their own skills, talents, and contributions. The facilitator will discuss the art of self-promotion, reviewing your inventory of accomplishments, the business of bragging, and bragging in the performance review.

Managing Up, Down & Sideways: How do you manage? This session will examine strategies for managing at different levels as well as tips for office politics.

Cultivating Your Network March In this session, you will shift from a person-based to a needs-based framework to proactively expand your network of support, contacts, referrals, and advisors. 
Developing Your Personal Brand March

In this session, you will learn the importance of branding yourself and why it is critical to your career; how to improve your self-introduction and how you can use your strengths, values, and passions to authentically be you.

Culturally Competent Leadership April Learn how your own cultural identity can inform your leadership approach. In this session, emphasis is placed on the acquisition of specific multicultural awareness, knowledge, and competencies to become a culturally competent leader and create environments that foster a high level of performance.
Women in Leadership May A distinguished panel of woman leaders on campus will facilitate a discussion of the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership.
Managing Conflict June Learn strategies to manage the expected conflict that shows up at work so you can be a more effective leader.
Closing Reception, Reflection, Next Steps, and Final Networking Event June The final working session will be an opportunity to reflect on Emerging Leaders journey, discuss your next steps and have a final networking opportunity with your fellow leaders.