Disbursements Staff Directory

For quality service, please contact appropriate Disbursements staff member who is assigned to your supplier.

Invoices ONLY should be sent to AP_FinSvc@umaryland.edu.

Lynell Griffin (62931) Director
Accounts Payable               
Kerrie Williams-Tong (66796) Accountant/Non PO Supplier Registration Request      
Kenyatta Woolridge (62155) Disbursement Program Specialist/Working Fund Supervisor
Payment Team                                          
Gina Baker (67763) Supervisor 
Sheree Daugherty (65142) Vendors:  A, B, C
Donna Coates (63504) Vendors:  D, E, F, G, H
Lynne Wilson (63529) Vendors:  I, J, K, L, M
Tambra Bennett  (62465) Vendors:  Advance, N, O, P, Q, R, S
Jameta Rooths (62857) Vendors:  T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, AT&T, Director of Finance, Verizon
Janell Hooks (68067) Vendors:  BGE, MCE, Xerox, Non PO State Payment
Non PO Invoice Inquiries rs-bf-nonpo@umaryland.edu                                    
DL-AF Supplier Registration Inquiry  supplierregistration@umaryland.edu                                  


India Taylor (66527) Travel Program Specialist


Working Fund                                              
Damon West (61485) Non PO Working Fund Contact/GCX
Michele Robinson (66746) Non PO Working Fund Contact/Travel Specialist