Disbursements Staff Directory

For quality service, please contact the appropriate Disbursements staff member according to the assignments below.

Only PO invoices should be sent to AP_FinSvc@umaryland.edu.

Staff Member Title Phone Suppliers
Lynell Griffin Director (62931)  
NONPO Invoice Payment Team   
Kenyatta Woolridge Sr Program Specialist/Supervisor (62155)  
Chisanga Daka Accounting Associate (66490) Wire Payments (PO and NONPO)
Michele Robinson Accounting Associate (66746) NONPO General Working Fund Payments
Damon West Accounting Associate (61485) NONPO General Working Fund Payments
Sheree Daugherty Accounting Associate (65142) NONPO State Payments
Miles Temoney Accounting Associate (66791) NONPO State Payments
Joanne Thompson Accounting Associate    
PO Invoice Payment Team   
Gina Baker Program Specialist/Supervisor (67763)  
Jameta Rooths Accounting Associate (62857) Suppliers: A, B, C, D
Nikki McCormick Accounting Associate (63529) Suppliers: E, F, G, H
Janell Hooks Accounting Associate (68067) Suppliers: I, J, K, L, M, N
Donna Coates Program Specialist (63504) Suppliers: O, P, Q, R, S, Inter-agency PO payments
Katrina Foster Accounting Associate (62465) Suppliers: T, U, V, W, Advance
P. Chris Smoker Accounting Associate (66057) Suppliers: X, Y, Z, MCE, AT&T, BGE, Director of Finance, Verizon, Washington Gas
NONPO Invoice Inquiry  rs-bf-nonpo@umaryland.edu  
DL-AF Supplier Registration Inquiry  supplierregistration@umaryland.edu  
India Lewis Travel Program Specialist (66527)  
Kerrie Williams Accountant (66796)