The center proudly presents the ELEVATE: Certificate in Effective Online Instruction, available to all site visitors. ELEVATE, which stands for Enhancing Learning Experiences in Virtual Teaching Environments, is a digital badge or micro-credential that can be earned upon completion of three targeted modules. This certificate signifies a commitment to online instruction, empowering educators to excel in leveraging virtual platforms and technologies to deliver effective and engaging online learning experiences.

This self-paced online tutorial is thoughtfully designed for faculty who are new to online teaching or seeking a refresher on high-impact online teaching practices. While the realm of online teaching is vast, this tutorial focuses on carefully curated topics that offer vital support for achieving success in the online teaching environment. While there is an abundance of resources available on online teaching, we have distilled the most relevant and essential information to provide a comprehensive yet concise learning experience.

Upon successfully completing the tutorial, participants have the option to take an assessment and earn a certificate of completion. It's important to note that the ELEVATE certificate is not a formal or accredited credential like a degree or certification. However, it holds significant value as a tangible testament to your dedication to professional growth in the field of online teaching. It showcases your genuine interest and commitment to delivering exceptional education in virtual environments and can serve as a valuable talking point during discussions or interviews, highlighting your proactive approach to enhancing your teaching practice.

ELEVATE Objectives:

By the completion of this self-paced online tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the importance of establishing a strong teaching presence and its impact on student engagement and learning outcomes in the online learning environment.
  • Foster effective communication with your students using various methods such as email, discussion boards, and video conferencing, to promote engagement and support their learning experience.
  • Manage asynchronous online discussion boards proficiently by encouraging active participation, critical thinking, and collaboration among students.
  • Craft weekly announcements that guide students through the learning process, providing them with essential information, clarifying expectations, and maintaining a consistent rhythm that supports their progress.
  • Employ effective grading and feedback practices that are specific, actionable, and supportive to foster student growth.

To start the tutorial, simply navigate through each of the three modules below and thoroughly review the accompanying resources. Take your time to engage with the content and make the most of the materials provided.

Module 1: Establishing Presence

In this module, we will explore the importance of establishing a strong presence as an online teacher and provide you with practical strategies to connect with your students effectively. As the foundation of successful online teaching, establishing presence helps foster a positive and engaging learning environment.


Module 2: Grading and Feedback

In this module, we will explore the essential aspects of grading student work and providing effective feedback in the online learning environment. Grading and feedback are crucial components of the teaching process, as they promote student learning, growth, and continuous improvement.


Module 3: Course Management

In this module, we will explore the essential aspects of effectively managing an online course. Course management encompasses various elements, including organization, navigation, content delivery, and assessment administration. This module will equip you with the necessary strategies and tools to create a well-structured and engaging online learning experience for your students.