Special Projects

New School of Social Work Building

The new six-story School of Social Work building composed of offices, classrooms, and communal gathering spaces will bring the School of Social Work, currently housed in six different locations, under one roof. The building will be located at the intersection of North Greene and West Lexington streets, an ideal location on UMB’s campus to enhance the school’s mission of innovation in community service and provide a prominent and welcoming new campus entry point.

To learn more, visit the New School of Social Work Building webpage.

Concept sketch at corner of Greene and Lexington Streets looking north

Campus-Wide Electrical Distribution Project

The equipment in UMB’s current master electrical substation is about 60 years and approaching the limits of its capacity. Recognizing UMB’s growth, this upgrade of the campus’ electrical distribution system will provide reliability and help UMB meet today’s demands while also building in additional capacity for the future. Particularly with expected future building electrification to help UMB meet its carbon neutrality goal, this increased electrical capacity will help UMB in its transition away from fossil fuel-run building systems and toward an electrified vehicle fleet. This project has three main phases:

  • Construction of the North Station at the UMB Recycling Center
  • Duct bank construction and feeder connections across the entirety of campus to each building substation
  • Construction of the South Station behind the Health Sciences and Human Services Library

Work on this project began in the fall of 2014. The original scope of work is expected to be completed by fall 2027, though additional follow-up work will extend out to 2029.

group of people on tour of north campus electrical substation