Testing Center Policies and Procedures

Paper Exam Policy 

If a student is approved to take an exam on paper through the ESDS Accommodation Process, the exam paper will be printed and given to students at the testing center.

Instructors are responsible for providing the exam file into our accommodation portal.

Do not provide the exam paper directly to the student. All paper exams should include photos and will be printed two-sided in color.

Exam Rescheduling Process 

If a student has the approved accommodation of Rescheduling an exam as medically necessary, it is up to the student to communicate the need for rescheduling. They should contact both the instructor and ESDS.

It is the instructor's responsibility to determine an appropriate time to re-take the test. When a student reaches out to reschedule, please have them contact our coordinator at esdstesting@umaryland.edu so that we can reschedule the student as soon as possible.

Students who have timeline adjustment accommodations (taking a test early, early in the day exams, etc.), will notify the instructor to through their accommodation letter. Faculty or school testing staff should notify the testing center coordinator by emailing esdstesting@umaryland.edu. The email should specify the student's name, course name, exam #, and the exception.

Exam Formatting for ADA Students 

Students who use ESDS services may need modified exam formats of exams including enlarged fonts, resolution modifications, format modifications, images with alt text, OCR, etc. These modifications will be stipulated in the approved student letter.

Accommodated time to complete an exam is on a student's accommodation letter and is programmed into the exam software.

If you have questions or problems with creating accessible testing formats, reach out to ESDS.

ESDS Testing Academic Integrity Policy  

To maintain exam security, students are required to leave their electronic devices in a lock box at the proctor's desk. This box is monitored by the proctors if students leave the room for a break, they are not allowed to take their device with them and are required to fill out a sign-out sheet. ESDS communicates exam protocol with students through our Testing Center Portal each time they make a testing center reservation.

Consistent with each school’s expectations of the UMB Policy on Faculty, Student, and Institutional Rights and Responsibilities for Academic Integrity, individuals caught engaging in behavior that violates their school’s code of conduct should be reported to the professor and the student as having committed an Academic Integrity Violation.

During exams and to maintain the testing center as a location of minimal distraction, ESDS Proctors follow a non-confrontation policy. This means that we will not accuse the student of anything, and we will not force the student to do anything (e.g. stop the exam or leave the testing center).

If the proctor can do so in a non-confrontational manner, the student will be asked to stop suspicious activity.

Proctors are instructed to document any suspicious activity observed and will inform the instructor of what happened in as much detail as possible. It is the responsibility of the instructor to work with the student conduct office and the student.

By adhering to this policy, faculty members can ensure that the exam scheduling and approval process for testing center requests is clear and effectively implemented. This streamlined approach promotes fairness, accessibility, and a positive academic experience for all students involved.