Testing Center Expectations

The Office of Educational Support and Disability Services (ESDS) administers exams to students with disabilities who require certain accommodation that includes extended time for tests, a distraction-free environment, and/or specific software.

ESDS does not currently serve students without ADA accommodations.

The Testing Center can: 

Accommodate students with a medical need for your phone or another medically necessary device. Please communicate this ahead of the day of the exam.

Accommodate students who require a screen reading device.

Provide technical support and communicate with your instructor to troubleshoot the exam if/when necessary.

Monitor students to ensure academic integrity.


The Testing Center can not: 

Provide answers or guidance on exam questions or content.

Secure your personal belongings, student's should place their belongings in a locker.

Provide laptops or computers for general use.

The testing center provides calculators and scratch paper when necessary.

Pause your exam unless a student's accommodation is annotated with extra time to allow them to take breaks as needed. 

Accommodate exams if a student arrives over 15 minutes late to a scheduled appointment.

Instructor Expectations: 

Instructors should log into the accommodation portal to clear all actively pending testing requests by approving them before the exam date.

Instructors must provide the date and time that non-accommodated students need to take exams.

Codes, modifications, edits, additional instructions, or any communication to the main class about the exam should be shared with esdstesting@umaryland.edu for timely dissemination.

Instructors should not enter the testing space without direct communication with the coordinator beforehand.

If a student has an accommodated approved reason to reschedule the exam, a testing-window will be provided by the instructor. Exception: School of Pharmacy allows for a five-day window due to programmatic standards. 

If administering the exam through ExamSoft or Examplify, please include the correct passwords, resume codes, and review codes.

If administering the exam through QuestionMark and there is not a password for the student to access the exam, do not bypass the password form, instead put “not applicable”, or provide a blank document.

If administering the exam through another platform other than those mentioned, please include the instructions for how students can access the exam.

Provide a preferred delivery method of completed paper exams ahead of the day of the exam. If no preferred delivery method is provided, exams will be electronically delivered to the instructor once completed for grading. 

 Proctor Expectations: 

Proctors only have access to information specific to your testing accommodations, not your disability status.

Student proctors maintain strict confidentiality of all students in the testing center. 

Proctors cannot assist with questions regarding the exam content or course-specific queries.

Proctors will monitor your exam and prompt you to complete testing at the indicated time.

Student Expectations: 

Work with the instructor to determine a reasonable time period to take your accommodated exam or quiz. (if you are a School of Pharmacy student: please defer to exam scheduling deadlines communicated by ADA exam team).

Arrive at the ESDS Testing Center at the time of their scheduled appointment and be prepared to show their UMID.

Store away your personal belongings, including any phones or smartwatches prior to checking in to your testing appointment.

Be respectful of other students who utilize the ESDS Testing Center.

If you are a UMB student at Shady Grove, schedule your testing accommodations here.