Testing Center Expectations

Expectations at the Testing Center

What students can expect on testing day:

  • Arrive at the SMC Campus Center, Room LL005 to take your exam no more than 5 minutes prior to your start time. Please email esdstesting@umaryland.edu if a proctor has not arrived 5 minutes prior to your start time. 
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late, your exam may be rescheduled. Email esdstesting@umaryland.edu if you are running late.
  • Check in with the proctor at the front desk using your UMB photo ID.
  • Your phone and smart watch (if applicable) will be collected.
  • You will be asked to place your personal belongings in the front of the room.
  • You will take a seat in the testing area and take out testing materials.
  • You will receive your test or exam password from the proctor.
  • Once your time begins, it will only be stopped if your accommodation(s) include breaks. Breaks specified in your accommodations do not count toward the total test time.
  • The proctor will collect your test materials after your allocated test time is finished.
  • The Testing Center closes promptly at 6:30pm. If you are expected to test past 6:30pm, please select a different appointment time. Students will be asked to stop their exams at 6:30pm.

What students can expect from the proctors:

  • Student proctors do not have access to your disability status. They are only given information specific to your testing accommodations to facilitate the test.
  • Student proctors maintain the utmost confidentiality of students in the testing center. 
  • The proctor will enter the student’s end time of each individual exam time on the white board for students taking paper exams. 
  • Student proctors will not be able to answer questions specific to your exam or course content.

What students can expect from their course instructor:

  • Your instructor must approve an appropriate time for you to take your exam before you may schedule it. 
  • Your instructor will receive your completed exam.
  • Only your instructor can determine when you receive your exam results.
  • The instructor does not have access to your disability status but does have access to your academic accommodations letter.

What to expect from the student test taker:

  • All exams must be scheduled at least five business days in advance of the scheduled exam. To schedule, please visit the Schedule Exam link on the ESDS website
  • Tests may only be scheduled through the Testing Center between the hours of 8am - 6:30pm Monday - Friday. If you have testing needs outside of these hours, please email esdstesting@umaryland.edu.  
  • Testing accommodations must be approved before you may schedule a test. Please visit the ESDS Accommodation Request link for more information. 
  • It is your responsibility to communicate with your professor to determine an appropriate time to take the test.
  • Please respect the testing environment by not speaking with other students. Please speak to the proctor only when necessary. 
  • Please respect the start and stop times and keep track of your own time using the clocks in the room.
  • You are responsible for any materials required by your exam (calculators, etc.)
  • Please limit noise while in the Testing Center.

Testing Center Face Covering Policy

  • As per UMB Policy and to protect the health of all individuals in the room, the wearing of masks while in the Testing Center is mandatory.
  • After one verbal reminder, if the student does not keep their mask on, the proctor may terminate the student’s time taking their exam in the Testing Center and alert both their faculty member and the ESDS liaison that the exam was concluded as a result of the student’s incompliance with policy.
  • If the student is in need of a “mask break” the student may leave the Testing Center to use the single stall restroom located on the lower level and remove their mask there while their exam continues to run and the rest of their belongings remain in the Testing Center.

Academic Integrity

  • ESDS maintains the academic integrity and upholds the honor code at UMB. Any attempts at cheating or academic misconduct will be reported to ESDS, your instructor, and your school’s honor code office. You can find more information from your school at http://www.umaryland.edu/policies-and-procedures/school-resources/. Please note the Testing Center may be monitored by video camera.