Consultation and Referrals


We provide consultation services to those who are not sure what they may need or to those who have concerns about others. We encourage you to reach out to us regarding any mental health concerns about yourself or others (410-328-8404). We aim to respond within one business day. If you need immediate assistance from a counselor, you may call our Crisis Support Service (410-328-8404, option 7) to speak with a counselor. For more information on what constitutes a crisis or an emergency, please click here. If you are not sure, please call to consult with a clinician.


Telehealth Consultation

A Telehealth Consultation is a one hour long session focused on gathering information and providing skills and resources. In order to be eligible for this service, you must be physically located in Maryland during the time of the session and have completed paperwork prior to the session (which will be explained during that first phone call). The Telehealth Consultation, as well as other sessions, are conducted via a WebEx video meeting as that is a HIPAA compliant platform. If you are not in Maryland, please let us know during the initial phone call so that we can discuss other options and resources available to you.

What happens after the Telehealth Consultation depends on each student and their specific needs. Some students may transition to our brief intervention services model. Some may attend one consultation with an additional follow up appointment. Some may receive long-term referrals or referrals to best fit their needs. We consider many factors during this decision. Please see our Counseling section for more information about our therapy model.


Sometimes students find that our services at the Student Counseling Center may not meet their needs. Some students may feel more comfortable seeking services outside of the University, some may want more sessions than what SCC can provide, and some may have been recommended by an SCC counselor for long-term or more specialized care.

If the SCC determines during the Assessment or over the course of treatment that a student’s needs exceed our scope of services, the student will be provided appropriate referrals to community resources. The SCC can provide the student with assistance in the transition. However, the student will be expected to play an active role in making and keeping an appointment with an outside provider within a reasonable period of time.

If a student holds a faculty or staff position, the student may be referred to an outside provider. If the previous sentence applies to you, please ask to speak to one of our counselors to determine eligibility.

Please note that if a student is not physically located in Maryland at the time of session, SCC counselors are unable to provide therapeutic services due to licensure requirements. If you are located outside of Maryland, SCC can still assist in finding referrals and resources in your area.

SCC Referral Assistance services begin with an appointment with the Referral Assistance Coordinator. During your meeting, the Referral Assistance Coordinator will gather information necessary for a successful referral, such as health care needs, location, gender/race preferences, and insurance coverage. If you are already receiving SCC services, please ask your counselor to schedule an appointment for referral assistance. If not, please call us at 410-328-8404 and ask for an appointment with the Referral Assistance Coordinator.

If you are interested in reviewing outside information on your own, please check out these pages: Wellness Hub “Dimensions of Wellness” and Find a Therapist (under Therapy and Self-Help Resources)

Referral Assistance FAQs

  • Do I need insurance to receive a referral?
    • No, insurance is not required, though very helpful. The Referral Assistance Coordinator will use your provided insurance (if available) to collate a list of providers that accept your insurance. This includes Medicaid and other state insurance.
    • We can assist you in finding low cost or sliding scale clinics for those without insurance.
  • Can I receive a referral to a psychiatrist?
    • Yes, similar to talk therapy, the SCC can provide a list of psychiatric referrals.
  • Can I receive referrals from the counseling center if I am not in Maryland?
    • Yes, the counseling center will help support students in finding referrals in their respective locations.
  • How do I request referral assistance?
    • Please call the SCC at (410) 328-8404, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. to schedule a referral consultation or put in a Request for Services here.