Veteran Students

The two most common mental health conditions reported by veterans are posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. More than just experiencing sadness, depression doesn't mean you are weak, nor is it something that you can simply "just get over."  PTSD is caused by traumatic events, such as military combat, assault, disasters or sexual assault, and can have long-lasting negative effects such as trouble sleeping, anger, nightmares, being jumpy and alcohol and drug abuse. PTSD was found to be 15 times higher in veterans than civilians.  

Facts: Nearly 1 in 4 active-duty members show signs of a mental health condition.


Veterans Crisis Line: Are you a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one? You are not alone; the Veterans Crisis Line is here for you. You do not have to be enrolled in VA benefits or healthcare to call.

Free Resources, via Maryland Veteran Campaign: Resources provided to active and retired military members and their families. Provided by the Maryland Department of Veteran Affairs.

Student Veterans of America (SVA): SVA is the premier organization leading service, research, programs, and advocacy for veterans in higher education. Their mission is to act as a catalyst for student veteran success by providing resources, network support and 

U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, Mental Help Support: VA has a variety of mental health resources, information, treatment options, and more — all accessible to Veterans, Veterans’ supporters, and the general public.

NAMI - Veterans & Active Duty: On this page NAMI focuses on questions that military personnel often ask, concerning treatment resources, disclosure and staying healthy during the transition to civilian life. NAMI offers information, support and education specifically for veterans, service members and their families. 

Real Veterans. Real Stories. (Make the Connection Podcasts): podcast is powered by the voices of Veterans sharing their stories. Whether you are a Veteran or you love someone who has served, our podcast shines a light on the mental health challenges that some Veterans face — and the various paths they can take toward a healthier life.


Campus Resource:

Resources for Veterans: The University of Maryland Baltimore offers many resources for students who are veterans. If you have any questions or to suggest additional resources, please email