Self-Care Apps

All apps listed are available for iOS and Android unless otherwise specified. Information on apps may change. Premium features of these apps were not tested. Privacy of data on apps is not guaranteed. These apps are for self-help and are not intended to replace health care intervention. Please reach out to a provider should you require further assistance.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Headspace Logo


Mindfulness and Meditation

Costs $12.99/mo or $69.99/yr:

  • Student discount: $9.99/yr
  • Medical students / Residents / Physicians: Free for AMA members
  • Two week free trial with a yearly subscription
  • One week free trial with a monthly subscription
Calm Logo


Mindfulness, Meditation, Sleep, & Relaxation

Costs $69.99/yr:

Smiling Mind Logo

Smiling Mind

Free / Registration Required

Mindfulness and Meditation

Insight Timer Logo

Insight Timer

Free (with optional premium for $60/yr)

30,000+ Guided Meditations for free

Mood Tracking & Journaling


Free (with optional premium @ $7.49/mo)

Formerly known as Moodpath

CBT app, mood journal, questions about wellbeing; some free mindfulness and CBT skills

No Registration Required


Daylio Logo


Free (with optional premium @ $7.99/one-time cost)

No Registration Required for free version

Mood tracking and journaling

Alan Mind

Free (premium option is being developed)

No Registration Required

Mindfulness journal with mindfulness activities

Gratitude Logo


Free (optional premium @ $4.99/mo or $29.99/yr)

No Registration Required

Gratitude journal with positive affirmations

Breathing & Relaxation

#SelfCare Logo



No Registration Required

Ability to take staying home in bed with you

Virtual safe space that is customizable

Includes various relaxation activities to discover

Breathing Zone Logo

Breathing Zone

Free for iOS / $2.49 for Android

No Registration Required

Simple, easy, and adjustable breathing exercise that can include voice, sound, and/or visual cues

What's Up Logo

What's Up

Free / No Registration Required

CBT and ACT based

Has immediate grounding exercise section, coping skill section, and a journal section

No official website

All-in-One AI Apps

AI apps include a bot that simulates a human and includes many features for self-care and self-help (e.g., mood tracking, meditations, breathing and thought exercises, and more). They are based in DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interview therapies.

Youper Logo


Free (with optional premium @ $9.99/mo or $44.99/yr)

Registration Required

AI personality: Slightly more formal but supportive

Includes a personality test similar to Myer Briggs

Woebot Logo



Registration Required

AI personality: Informal, less serious, but supportive

Wysa Logo


Free (with optional premium @ $9.99/mo or $65.99/yr)

No Registration Required

AI personality: Less formal but very supportive

Includes an SOS mode for panic attacks

Optional paid section to talk to “coach” or “therapist”

Apps for Sleep

Sleep Cycle Logo

Sleep Cycle

Free (optional premium @ $29.99/yr)

No Registration Required

Sleep analysis, wake up window, alarm

Sleep Pillow Logo

Sleep Pillow

Free (optional premium @ $19.99/one-time cost)

No Registration Required

Sleep sounds with timer

Can make your own mix

No official website

Better Sleep

Free (optional premium @ $29.99/yr)

No Registration Required

Sleep meditations and sleep sounds

Can make your own mix

Flux Logo

Flux (PC) / Night Mode (phone)

Free / No Registration Required

Sleep Hygiene app for PC

Slowly dims computer at night to an orange light to encourage better sleep

Substance Use & Harmful Habits

Nomo Logo


Free (can make a donation to remove ads) 

Registration Required

Clocks and stats to motivate sobriety

Useful for any bad habits, including drinking, drug use, cigarettes, and more

Includes journal, ways to refocus, and encouragement

Can connect you to an “accountability partner” who is experiencing a similar situation

Dry Days Logo

Dry Days


Registration Required

Good for alcohol sobriety or moderation

Tracks drinks, money saved, and calories

Can add people and friends to help motivate

I am Sober Logo

I am Sober

Free (optional premium @ $4.99/mo or $49.99/yr)

No Registration Required

Useful for any sobriety, including drinking, drug use, cigarettes, sugar, sex, and more

Tracks days and money saved

Community Support and motivation packs


Shine App

Self-care App

Free version includes meditations

  • Optional premium: Monthly Subscription: $14.99 or Annual subscription: $69.99
  • Guided meditations, morning inspiration texts, customizable mental health tool kits, and community forums

Other Helpful Apps

Productivity Logo


Free (optional pro @ $4.99/mo or $24.99/yr)

Registration Required

Only for iPhone currently

Time management, organization, to-do lists, reminders, routine building, goals, etc.

No official website


HOTLINE: Free and confidential support, to survivors and loved ones of sexual assault (24/7)

iPhone and Google Play store

Self-care: Mood tracking and destress exercises

RAINN is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization.

Evernote Logo


Free (optional premium @ $7.99/mo or $69.99/yr)

  • 50% off with student email

Registration Required

Organization, To-do list with reminders and notes in notebooks (can be shared)

Every Dose


Registration is optional

Medication tracking