First-generation students are more likely to experience symptoms of depression, higher levels of stress, lower levels of life satisfaction, and a decreased sense of belonging in higher education institutions. Greater anxiety symptoms in first-generation students may be due to increased general and acculturative stress.


Council for Opportunity in Education: The Council for Opportunity in Education (COE) is a nonprofit organization, established in 1981, dedicated to furthering the expansion of college opportunities for low-income, first-generation students, and students with disabilities in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., the Pacific Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Center for First-Generation Student Success: As college and university leaders and practitioners are actively seeking avenues to best meet the specific needs of first-generation students, the Center for First-generation Student Success emerges as a leader for scholarly discussion, information sharing, networking, and program development.

What I Have Learned as a First-Generation College Student (VIDEO): Lyric Swinton is keenly aware of how stereotypes can hinder one’s development, but she’s overcome the challenges of being a first-generation college student, and she wants us to know that we all play a role in helping others overcome their struggles

Empowering First-Generation College Students (SUPPORT GROUP)This group was formed at the conclusion of the National Resource Center for First-Year Experience and Students In Transition conference in February 2015 as a way for workshop members to stay in touch.

First-Generation Students' Sense of Belonging, Mental Health, and Use of Counseling Services at Public Research Universities (RESEARCH)This study examines the sense of belonging, mental illness status, and usage of mental health services among first-generation students.


Campus Resources:

First-Generation Student ResourcesProvided by the Intercultural Leadership and Engagement Center, this webpage provides information on resources that may be of interest to students that identify as a first-generation student. The Intercultural Center provides, multiple definiions for constitutes first-generation.