CT Tracking

Corporate Clinical Trials Tracking System

Welcome to the Corporate Clinical Trials Tracking System (CCTTS)! This page is intended to provide helpful answers to what we anticipate will be common questions about the CCTTS.

WHAT is the CCTTS? The CCTTS is a searchable database system that allows its users to determine the status of clinical studies during the up-front approval processes. The CCTTS tracks all of the critical processes and approvals that must be completed before enrolling patients in a clinical trial. Some of the processes run parallel to one another, while others are dependent upon the completion of preceding processes. The CCTTS breaks down the critical processes and provides weekly status updates for each process. The CCTTS provides its users a snapshot of the individual approval processes that are documented in greater detail elsewhere by the Center for Clinical Trials and Corporate Contracts (CCT), Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), the Human Research Protections Program (HRPP), and the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS). The principal investigator, the study team for a protocol, and Faculty Physicians, Inc. (FPI) staff members play key roles in the progress of the up-front approval processes for a clinical study.

The CCTTS is NOT a clinical trial management system for the purpose of collecting clinical trial data, managing patients and information, generating invoices, generating reports, or any other activity associated with conducting the actual clinical research.

Why was the CCTTS developed?

The overall clinical trial approval process is a complex aggregation of both independent and interdependent individual approval processes. Even the most experienced clinical trial coordinators, research administrators, and clinical researchers find the overall process confusing and difficult to navigate. The CCTTS is designed to demystify this complex set of processes. It is intended as a tool that can be used to see — at a specific point in time — what approval processes are relevant and where each process stands in terms of progress toward completion.

Who has access to the CCTTS?

Anyone with a valid myUM User ID and password. You must be a UMB employee or a UMB Affiliate.

How do I access the CCTTS?

You must have a UM ID to obtain access. You may use the direct link or enter the myUM portal and click on “Corporate Clinical Trial Tracking System” in the Enterprise Menu.

How do I use the CCTTS?

You can search for any clinical trial — from the time it is first submitted to the Center for Clinical Trials and Corporate Contracts (CCT) until it is approved (or until it is routed) in Kuali Coeus — by using the CCTTS. The search is relatively simple. Use the search engine to search for clinical trials of interest by PI name, IRB number, CCT number, Kuali Coeus Institutional Proposal (IP) number, or other fields indicated on the search page. Each search ultimately will yield a list of clinical trials contained within the CCTTS that satisfy your search criteria. When you click on a specific clinical trial in the provided list, you will be presented with a standard list of the key processes that may be required for approvals related to that clinical trial.

Download a QuickGuide for use of the CCTTS.

In addition, an Activity Legend displaying a list of the standard states and steps is provided in the left column of the screen for each clinical trial. For more information, review  detailed descriptions of each CCT and UMMS Activity Step. Information about IRB states is covered in HRPP policies, SOPs, and other documents. Please refer to CICERO and/or contact the HRPP with specific questions about IRB states.

Whom do I contact for help with the CCTTS?

If you have a question about the operation or maintenance or if you experience a specific problem with the search engine, links, or other IT-related issues, please contact dl-ccttreport-a-problem@umaryland.edu. Questions about one or more activities or processes for a clinical trial should be directed to the UMB or UMMS staff member directly responsible for that activity or process. Within a result page in the CCTTS, activities in progress with no “End Dates” are accompanied by a contact name and/or phone number for obtaining additional information.