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Our CMS is being upgraded to the latest version.

November 26, 2018

TerminalFour, the content management system used to maintain university websites, is being upgraded from version 7 to version 8.

The new Version 8 interface shown on laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

If you're someone who has worked on a univesity website and you're familiar with the previous version of the system, things may look very different. But never fear - The features you are accustomed to using are still there, they've just been restyled and reorganized for ease of use.

The new interface in T4 version 8:

The interface is now also fully responsive and optimized for tablets and mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

A screenshot demonstrating the locations of the new main menu, the section icons, and the actions menu

The new main menu:

Many options that were previously in drop-down menus at the top of the page have been reorganized into a new main menu in the left-hand column. Depending on your level of access, you might not see all of these options when you log into T4.‌

A screenshot showing what the new main menu looks like

Section icons:

The new section icons may look a bit different, but they still function pretty much the same. In the previous version of T4, “normal” sections were indicated by yellow folders, hidden sections were indicated by grey folders, pending sections were highlighted yellow, and inactive sections were highlighted red. The image below illustrates their new, slightly different, appearances in version 8.

A screenshot showing what the section icons look like

The actions drop-down menu:

In the previous version of T4, this menu was accessed by hovering over a yellow box with an arrow icon. The new version is mostly the same, and it can be found in the same places, but it has been re-labelled the “Actions” menu.

A screenshot of the actions menu

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