UMB Website Improvements

Be Notified When a Page is Updated

January 18, 2018

A screenshot of the change detection widgetDo you want to receive email notifications to let you know whenever a particular webpage is updated?

A change detection widget is now available for embedding on any page of the University’s website, thanks to a service called VisualPing. VisualPing would normally require a paid subscription to track more than a handful of pages, but in our case they've agreed to allow our campus community to follow as many of our pages as they want at no cost.

Simply enter your email address to sign up, and you will be sent regular email notifications to keep you updated on changes to that particular webpage. You can select which parts of the page to monitor, and you can cancel the notifications at any time. The feature has been implemented on all policies and procedures, by user request, and may soon begin to appear on other sites as well.

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