UMB Website Improvements

A Focus on Accessibility

April 08, 2016

Accessibility is a priority for CPA. We have renewed our focus on web accessibility through analysis of our website's accessibility and research into the latest accessibility standards. 

The CPA web team hosted two workshops for web content managers (on March 31 and April 8) to discuss areas of improvement we have identified. At these workshops, we shared steps and best practices for remediating certain accessibility issues and addressed the questions and concerns of those who attended.

If you work on web content on, you will benefit from looking through our accessibility documentation. In particular, check out our newly expanded instructions for making accessible PDFs. In addition to our recent revisions and expansions, we plan to continue improving that resource in the future with our latest findings.

Web developers can now bring their questions in person to the CPA web team by signing up for our new office hours. If you have any questions about web accessibility standards, please don't hesitate to ask!

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