Room Information

Fitness Studio, Room 415 

Capacity: 20 people (1,300 square feet)
Equipment available: Yoga mats, blankets, blocks and bands, projector, AV screen, sound system, iPod hookup


Fitness Floor 

Capacity: Varies depending on amount of equipment
Equipment available: Treadmills, free weights, rowing machines, selectorized machines


Basketball/Volleyball Court  

Capacity: 75 people per court
Equipment available: Volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer (on Court 2 only), scoreboard, various fitness equipment

Multi-Activity Court 




Capacity: 50 people
Equipment available: Heavy bag, badminton nets, stereo

Racquet Court 

Capacity: 20 people per court, one court available
Equipment available: Squash rails and equipment, wallyball equipment


Running Track 

Capacity: 40 people
Equipment available: Stationary bikes, ab machines, speed bag

  running track



Pool capacity: 178 people for the entire pool, 30 people per lane — six lanes available
Equipment available: Kickboards, pull buoys, flippers, paddles, aqua gloves, noodles, ankle floats, foam barbells and dumbbells, fitness belts, and aqua joggers


Strength and Conditioning Room 


Capacity: 15 people (1,200 square feet)
Equipment available: Three Olympic lift platforms, 50- to 100-pound dumbbells, leg press machine, chest press machine


Pratt Gym 


Capacity: 280 people
Equipment available: Two basketball/volleyball Courts, MAC Court, two racquet courts, running track

  Basketball Court