Rental FAQ

Can my group have non-members attend or watch our event? 

Yes, non-members are permitted to participate in your event. They must sign a waiver at the check-in desk on the fourth floor before participating or spectating. Event organizers are responsible for making sure all participants and spectators abide by all the policies.

Are children under 18 years of age permitted to participate or watch our event? 

 Events that include minors will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be approved ahead of time.

Can we collect registration fees in the rental space? 

Groups are permitted to collect registration fees provided their money-handling process has been approved by the Associate Director. Dependent upon the amount of money expected, the group may be required to pay for a security officer to be present during the collection process.

Can we have 50/50 raffles and door prizes as part of our event to raise money? 

Groups are not permitted to conduct any sort of gaming as part of their event. This includes 50/50 raffles, selling raffle tickets, selling scratch-offs, door prizes, etc.

Who can reserve space within URecFit and Wellness? 

Recognized student groups, academic departments, URecFit and Wellness members, students, UMB faculty and staff, UMB departments, and non-University-affiliated community members and groups can reserve space. Rental rates and equipment fees may apply.

We'd like to have food present for our participants. What are the restrictions on food? 

All groups are permitted to have food during their event, provided space and timing permit. For more information on how to provide food at your event, visit the UMB Campus Center catering page.

Can I reserve space the day of my event? 

Groups cannot reserve space the day of their event. If the space is available, they can use the space and any equipment not behind locked doors; however, they do not have exclusive access to the space. Groups must allow other URecFit and Wellness members to use the space if they don't have a confirmed reservation.