Quantum Training & Support

Department end users and central office staff will all receive training before they are granted access to Quantum Financials, Quantum Analytics, and Quantum Planning and Budgeting. 

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Live Classes and Demos:  Find in-person classes and demos here.

  • Login with your UMID and password.
  • Select Add Course
  • Course Type = Quantum
  • Click name of desired course
  • Select desired date and click Register.

List of Training Classes

  • Introduction to Quantum Financials (prerequisite - self-paced online)
  • Creating and Approving Requisitions/Receiving Orders
  • Reallocating Procurement Card Transactions
  • Using Debit Memos for Accounting Transfers
  • Using NONPO Invoices for Check Requests
  • Creating Customer Billing
  • Viewing Your Fixed Assets
  • Creating Volume-Based Billing Events
  • Using Quantum Planning and Budgeting
  • Using Quantum Analytics
  • Changes to Commitment Accounting Pages in eUMB HRMS 

Quantum training consists of both in person classes and self-paced online learning  opportunities 

Course materials:  Review, print or use course materials for reference.  Find available materials here.

  • To open course materials: Click the ‘+’ to the left of the course name to access all related topics.
  • To open a topic:  Click the topic title, then click the Try It button to the right of the topic listing.
  • To print a step-by-step guide:  Click the topic, then click the Print It button to the right of the topic listing.
  • For onscreen guidance while working in Quantum:  Open Quantum.  Click the topic, then click the Do It button to the right of the topic listing.
  • Do It! window floats over the Quantum window.  Click & drag borders to resize or reposition the Do It! window as desired.
  • Review the step in Do It window.
  • Complete the step in Quantum.
  • Click the arrow button to advance to the next step in the Do It! window.
  • Repeat until complete. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the Do It! window.