Training and Support

Department end users and central office staff will all receive training before they are granted access to Quantum Financials, Quantum Analytics, and Quantum Planning and Budgeting.  Training will continue past the October 2nd go-live.  For your convenience, here are a grouping of Quantum Go Live quick reference links:

Quantum Go Live Quick Reference Links

Use this area to locate Quantum Go Live information quickly.  If you don’t see what you need, please send your question to the team at

  • Learn About Roles:  Review Financials and Analytics roles and definitions here.
  • Access to Quantum Financials & Analytics:  Login with your UMID and password to complete the online Quantum User Authorization Form.  See more information in the Roles section on this page (below).
  • Live Classes and Demos:  Find in-person classes and demos here. Check back often as offerings continue to be updated leading up to and beyond Go Live.
    • Login with your UMID and password.
    • Select Add Course
    • Course Type = Quantum
    • Click name of desired course
    • Select desired date and click Register.
  • Webex Seminars
    • Upcoming live and recorded Webex seminars are listed here.
  • Course materials:  Review, print or use course materials for reference.  Find available materials here.
    • To open course materials: Click the ‘+’ to the left of the course name to access all related topics.
    • To open a topic:  Click the topic title, then click the Try It button to the right of the topic listing.
    • To print a step-by-step guide:  Click the topic, then click the Print It button to the right of the topic listing.
    • For onscreen guidance while working in Quantum:  Open Quantum.  Click the topic, then click the Do It button to the right of the topic listing.
      • Do It! window floats over the Quantum window.  Click & drag borders to resize or reposition the Do It! window as desired.
      • Review the step in Do It window.
      • Complete the step in Quantum.
      • Click the arrow button to advance to the next step in the Do It! window.
      • Repeat until complete. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the Do It! window.
  • Training FAQs
  • Support
    • Requests for help with Quantum Financials may be submitted through the UMB Help Desk either by email ( or by phone 410-706-4357 or 6-HELP from on campus. 

      Providing the following information where possible will help the team troubleshoot your issue more quickly:

      • Detailed description of the issue
      • Functional area (such as Procurement or Accounts Payable)
      • Navigation/path (such as Procurement > Purchase Requisitions)
      • The page you are using (such as Manage Requisitions)
      • Error message
      • A screenshot


Quantum security is built on certain delivered roles and the access those roles provide to execute transactions and approvals.  In addition to the roles, Quantum also complements its security with built-in approval workflows and internal controls.  For example, although users could hold conflicting roles of an initiator and approver, the user would not be allowed to fill both roles on the same transaction.

Users must identify the role they will need, based on their jobs, and complete an online User Authorization Form to get access to Quantum Financials, Quantum Analytics, and Quantum Planning and Budgeting.  Once the appropriate form(s) is completed and approved, users will be granted access. The forms can be located at: 

The roles, definitions and, required training are summarized here

The Quantum Organization Hierarchy can be found in Quantum Financials > Campus Reports > QFN190 Org Hierarchy.

Training Classes

The following is a list of Quantum training classes:

  • Introduction to Quantum Financials (prerequisite - self-paced online)
  • Creating and Approving Requisitions/Receiving Orders
  • Reallocating Procurement Card Transactions
  • Using Debit Memos for Accounting Transfers
  • Using NONPO Invoices for Check Requests
  • Creating Customer Billing
  • Viewing Your Fixed Assets
  • Creating Volume-Based Billing Events
  • Using Quantum Planning and Budgeting
  • Using Quantum Analytics
  • Changes to Commitment Accounting Pages in eUMB HRMS 

Instructions for registering for Quantum training classes can be found above in the Quantum Go Live Quick Reference Links section.

Other Details You Should Be Aware Of

  • The Chart of Accounts (COA) Education Session is a prerequisite to other Quantum training classes. Everyone who plans to request a role in Quantum and register for training, must have first attended a COA session.  You can find information on the COA session and how to register at:
  • The Introduction to Quantum Financials class is a prerequisite to other Quantum Financials training classes. Current class offerings are available on the Quantum Financial Calendar.
  • Additional Business Process Sessions (Quantum PCard and Purchasing and Paying for Goods and Services with Quantum) have been offered to introduce specific business process changes that users will experience with Quantum and to expose users to new terminology. The sessions are not required for Quantum access but may be helpful to the new user.  They were recorded and are available for viewing at:
  • Quantum training will consist of both in person classes and self-paced learning, with an emphasis on more in person classes initially. Online, self-paced learning opportunities will be expanded after go-live as more users get familiar with the features of Quantum.