Corporate Purchasing Card

Introduction to PCard Program Training is now online through the UMB e-learning Hub.

A cooperative program featuring Procurement Services, Financial Services, and Administrative Computing, designed to serve the University community. For more information, please contact the PCard Administrator.

The Corporate Purchasing Card is the premier tool recognized by the University for small purchases of products and services that facilitate the business needs of departments throughout campus.

The Corporate Purchasing Card Program is based on a state of Maryland contract with US Bank and Visa. The purchasing card is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted and may be used for any authorized purchase of $4,999 or less.

Areas where use of the card is restricted include, but are not limited to, cash advances, travel, and entertainment. Purchases must still follow state, University, school, and departmental rules and policies.

Each school and major unit determines who should be issued the card. Generally, the cards are issued to those frontline employees who regularly place small-dollar orders. Effective July 1, 1998, the State Board of Public Works designated the Purchasing Card as the primary means of paying for Small Procurements of $2,500 or less in cases where Visa is accepted by the selected vendor. Effective April 26, 2000, universities were granted permission by the state to raise this single purchase threshold to its new limit of $4,999.

Cards are issued in the names of individuals (not departments), and the cardholder and departmental reviewer are responsible for actively managing the appropriateness of purchases made with the card. Minimal record-keeping is required of all cardholders and simplified procedures have been developed for recording and tracking purchases. At the end of every billing cycle (normally the 25th of each month), each cardholder must reconcile card purchases against their monthly transaction log and Visa statement (issued by US Bank) to verify transactions.

Quantum gives cardholders, reallocators (delegates), and reviewers online access to Visa transactions as they are posted by US Bank. Reallocation of each transaction to an appropriate of chartfield is required.