Changing the Future Today

UMB remains one of Baltimore’s most powerful anchor institutions and continues to effect real and lasting change by improving health, creating wealth, and advancing social justice in the city, the state, and around the world. This is particularly true in today’s climate. UMB also has served as a keystone in the development and advancement of biotechnology businesses in the Baltimore-Washington corridor and beyond.

We can expand on that success by embracing our Core Values, remaining rooted in service and committed to Maryland. I want each of the passionate people here to apply solutions to the pressing problems facing humankind. UMB's health care, human services, and law professionals create innovative solutions where others see only problems.

To maintain UMB’s standing as Maryland’s premier human services institution, these are President Jarrell’s priorities:

Commitment to Excellence in Education

UMB works to attract, retain, and educate the best and brightest scholars, staff, and faculty through efforts such as the President’s initiative on education- Leaders in Education: Academy of Presidential Scholars (LEAPS), scholarship programs that create opportunities for more students, and by remaining an employer of choice.

Commitment to Working for Equity and Justice

UMB accepts the responsibility to help improve the health and well-being of underserved populations in Maryland by expanding access in areas of need across the state, supporting our Community Engagement Center, and fostering educational programs to support opportunity and advancement for disadvantaged communities.

Commitment to Statewide Collaborations

UMB is maintaining and growing its strong partnership with the University of Maryland Medical System, sustaining and propelling innovation through its collaboration with the University of Maryland, College Park under the MPowering the State initiative, and expanding relationships with other key institutions across Maryland.

Commitment to Innovation and Discovery

UMB is preparing for the future with a strong focus on innovation and discovery. The university is expanding its $682 million research enterprise, strengthening its community-based research activities, and developing more interdisciplinary research programs and projects.

Through these efforts, UMB achieves its mission to improve the human condition and serve the public good of Maryland and society at large through education, research, clinical care, and service. Amidst unprecedented challenges in today’s world, UMB is evolving and developing critical innovations toward changing the future today