Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Laboratory Equipment Clearance Certification

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Obtain a UMB Laboratory Equipment Clearance Certification.


This instruction applies to laboratory personnel seeking to have equipment repaired, decommissioned, or relocated when equipment has contained hazardous chemicals, biological hazards and/or radioactive materials. 

Additional information regarding the Standard Repair/ Close-out/ Decommissioning Procedures can be found in EHS’s Chemical Hygiene Plan.


All clean-up procedures must be performed using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). In order to ensure timely clearance, please complete the UMB Laboratory Equipment Clearance Certification form and return it to EHS.  Form may be faxed to EHS at 6-8212.

  1. Any equipment that contains oil or refrigerant must be decontaminated for any biological, toxic, or radioactive materials prior to disposal. 
  2. Keep signs updated with new information upon vacating a laboratory and/or removing hazards.
  3. After equipment is decontaminated, remove or demarcate any hazard stickers.

Material specific clearing laboratory equipment procedures:

  1. Biological Hazard: Equipment that has been used with biological materials must be decontaminated with a 10% bleach solution or an approved decontamination solution by laboratory personnel prior to handling for disposal.  All exposed surfaces of the equipment or potentially contaminated furniture must be wiped down with the solution.
  2. Chemical Hazard: Equipment that has been used with toxic/hazardous chemicals must be cleaned prior to handling for disposal.  Wipe surfaces and equipment that have come in contact with toxic/hazardous chemicals with a warm solution of soap and water.
  3. Radiological Hazards:
    1. A "certification for unrestricted use" must be obtained from the EHS.
    2. Contact EHS at 6-7055 for additional information and instructions.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact EHS at 6-7055.

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