Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Procedures

Certification of Biosafety Cabinets

Research, Environmental Health and Safety   |   Approved May 14, 2015


Comply with standard certification of biological safety cabinets at UMB facilities.


Laboratory personnel in accordance to the established guidelines for certification of ventilated cabinets.  The certifications will follow the NSF-49 Standard for biosafety cabinets. 

Certifications must occur at least annually or as required by the applicable standard. In the event of physical disturbance of a biosafety cabinet or clean air bench due to renovation, reconfiguration, redeployment, or new construction; re-certification of the asset must occur. 

Re-certification of an asset will constitute a certification for the purposes of this procedure.


  1. After applicable event, responsible laboratory personnel will arrange services with a certification and/or repair vendor. 
    1. Lab personnel may contact EHS directly at 6-7055 for recommendations or see the Annual Certification of Biosafety Cabinets website for vendors the University has partnered with previously.
  2. Contact and schedule certification in accordance with University policy.
  3. Biosafety cabinet will be labeled with appropriate sticker signifying cabinet certification date.
  4. Record of certification will be kept on file at laboratory facility.
  5. If certification is not obtained within one month of applicable standard, then the equipment will be rendered inoperable.
    1. EHS will post equipment with a yellow warning sign, "Do Not Use This Cabinet With Biohazardous Agents."
    2. Sign can be removed and equipment reactivated once ventilated cabinet has been re-certified.
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