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UMB Policy on Governmental Relations

External Relations

Responsible VP/AVP

Kevin P. Kelly, JD

Applies to Staff


The University System of Maryland has developed a single, unified organization for addressing matters of legislative concern with the Maryland General Assembly, and local and federal governments. UMB has an integral role in this process and all legislative concerns of the campus shall be coordinated with the UMB Office of Government Affairs. All components of the campus are to support this policy and are encouraged to cooperate with the General Assembly, Congress, local governments, and other governmental agencies as requested. To develop legislative positions, the UMB Office of Government Affairs coordinates with the University System of Maryland Associate Vice Chancellor for Government Relations and the Governor’s Office to assure a unified position on governmental matters.

Policy Statement

  1. The Office of Government Affairs shall be responsible for coordinating the development and presentation of UMB's position on federal, state, and local governmental concerns. 

  2. The President shall resolve differences between campus components and shall be the approval authority for all campus positions on legislative and executive issues.

  3. Each of the UMB Deans or their designees shall be a Legislative Contact to the Office of Government Affairs. Other elements of the UMB campus may designate a Legislative Contact by notifying the Office of Government Affairs.

  4. No component of the campus will employ an outside individual to lobby or coordinate legislative activities for the component on any issue or interest. 

  5. No faculty or staff members of the campus may testify in their official capacity on legislation on behalf of UMB without coordination with the Office of Government Affairs. In those circumstances in which faculty or staff members are representing a professional association or themselves, it is requested that the Office of Government Affairs be informed. This may provide opportunities for the professional association and the campus to work collaboratively.

  6. The Office of Government Affairs shall, to the extent feasible, serve as an internship site for students interested in public policy. Undergraduate and graduate student interns placed in the Office of Government Affairs shall maintain the confidentiality of records, reports, and requests made to the Office from legislators and UMB faculty and staff.

  7. The Office of Government Affairs will perform the following duties:

    1. Coordinate contacts between the campus and Congress, particularly Maryland's Congressional delegation, the Maryland General Assembly, Baltimore City Mayor and City Council, and the Executive branch.

    2. Distribute legislative materials to the designated legislative contacts and other appropriate campus personnel.

    3. Circulate Departmental legislative proposals to appropriate campus components for comment. Coordinate responses on departmental legislation to Departments and Governor's office.

    4. Identify legislation which affects the campus and notify the appropriate components.

    5. Request comments on legislation and coordinate those comments to develop a campus position.

    6. Keep components of the campus apprised of campus positions, hearing dates and bill status.

    7. Coordinate the preparation of compendia and testimony.

    8. Develop and manage the strategy for presenting UMB's position to the General Assembly and to individual legislators.

    9. Provide general legislative services to those requesting assistance, counsel, etc.

    10. Coordinate campus concerns and legislative initiatives with the University System of Maryland and the Governor's office.

    11. Advise components of the final status of legislation and guide implementation of enacted legislation. The Office of Government Affairs shall coordinate UMB recommendations for vetoes of enacted legislation.

    12. Maintain the UMB master file on elected officials.

    13. Coordinate the development of legislation suggested by UMB for University System of Maryland sponsorship.

    14. Respond to constituent requests from legislators.

    15. Oversee and guide advocacy efforts and messages relating to UMB with public officials.

  8. The campus components via the designated legislative contacts and any other faculty or staff person involved with legislative issues shall:

    1. Coordinate all contacts with the General Assembly, legislative staff, Congress, state agencies, and local governments with the Office of Government Affairs, including providing copies of materials provided to them.

    2. Provide a timely response to requests from the Office of Government Affairs for comments, preparation of testimony, preparation of fiscal estimates, etc.

    3. Notify the Office of Government Affairs of issues, potential conflicts and opposition to legislative proposals so that current, accurate information exists in the Annapolis office.

    4. Coordinate with the Office of Government Affairs on appropriate elected officials to invite to campus events.

  9. The UMB Office of Government Affairs is managed by Kevin P. Kelly, JD, Chief Government Affairs Officer & Vice President. The office address is 60 West Street, Suite 220, Annapolis, Maryland 21401, and the telephone number is (410) 269-5087, FAX (410) 269-1985.
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