Facilities Procedures

Exterior Sign and Environmental Element Request

Administration, Facilities   |   Approved November 12, 2015


Provide consistent signage across the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Campus and complete proper review.


University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) management level employees.


  1. Identify location of the proposed or updated sign.
  2. Refer to Sign Master Plan for guidance with respect to specifications for UMB signage.
  3. Submit a request to the Committee through the online Signage and Campus Environmental Request Form for all proposed additions, removals, or modifications to any of the signs or environmental elements.
  4. The SEC Committee will consider all requests and provide guidance on design, wording and location to ensure that University standards are followed. The SCE Committee meets once monthly to review request and discuss ongoing projects.
  5. The SCE Committee will notify the requestor as to its decision or need for additional information within five (5) business days after its monthly meeting.
    1. Donor signs will be reviewed by the SCE Committee and forwarded to University’s Executive Leadership Group for approval.
  6. Special considerations:
  • If schools or units wish to install donor signs, seek the advice of the Committee early in the design process to ensure donor signage is consistent with University standards.
  • If the project requires design assistance services are available from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

For interior signage such as updating or new office door signs, follow Design and Construction’s Office Sign Request procedure and indicate the room and proposed change.

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