Kimberly Townes

Kimberly TownesFor security officer Kimberly Townes, every day is different. “One day I’m working in an office, the next day on foot patrol, then talking with visitors about the best restaurants to eat. There’s never a boring day.”  

Townes has been a security officer at a variety of agencies for 22 years. After Sept. 11, 2001, she decided she wanted to give back to the community. 

“Security officers are the first responders before the police and fire department arrive,” says Townes. She’s proud of helping the community to see the importance of security officers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). “We’re the eyes and ears of the community.”

Townes was hired at UMB before the COVID-19 pandemic and has learned to be adaptable. “You might come in to work an 8-hour shift, but it turns into a 12-hour day,” she says.

The security officer enjoys meeting new people. “UMB is a college campus in the heart of a busy city,” says Townes, who encourages the UMB community to get to know the people and the area. “You have the opportunity to interact with all kinds of people. If you’re not familiar with a certain area, don’t hesitate to ask a security officer. We’re here to help!”

Outside of work, Townes enjoys concerts, museums, and traveling. She says she’s “kind of quiet at first," but once you get to know her, her humor shines. “You’ll start saying, ‘Do you always talk this much?’ ”