Bethany Zeuch

Bethany ZeuchSecurity officer Bethany Zeuch has been with University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Police and Public Safety for seven months and already is making her mark on the department.  

The security officer was enthusiastically chosen by department leadership to be April’s lone Spotlight officer. 

“This is a new role and new experience," she says. “I do my best to take it day by day and learn all I can so that I can be at my best.”

Zeuch decided to become a security officer because she sees value in the work. So far, she’s doing a great job. She describes her most memorable moment as helping a woman standing in the middle of the street get to the emergency room. 

“I enjoy helping people if it’s in my ability to do so,” says Zeuch, who goes on to describe why she enjoys working for UMB Police and Public Safety. “The level of diversity, working with others of various backgrounds. I’ve already made some friends. UMB is a great place to work.”

Outside of work, Zeuch enjoys gardening (including growing her own food!), video games, and spending time with family. She also says she likes the Smurfs.