Ronald Nicholson

Ronald Nicholson

Sgt. Ronald NicholsonAfter 16 years as a police officer, Sgt. Ronald Nicholson is one of only three University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD) officers promoted to the role of Sergeant starting March 1. 

Nicholson started out as a security officer at the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus. "I was detailed to the psych holding area when a Baltimore police officer brought in an individual dealing with mental health issues," he says. "He said he couldn't do my job. I said I couldn't do his. That conversation gave me some insight into law enforcement, and the rest is history."

Being a police officer can come with challenges. Nicholson routinely meets community members who have a negative perception of police and are resistant to interacting with him.

"My job is to help change the community's perception of law enforcement, increase their safety, and focus on establishing positive relationships with the community," Nicholson says. "Nothing great comes easily."

Making a positive change in the community is Nicholson's favorite part of being a police officer. He hopes to one day become chief of a police department.

For students new to UMB, Nicholson recommends being aware of your environment and taking necessary steps to stay safe, like putting away your phone when walking outside and not wearing headphones.

Outside of work, Nicholson is a singer/songwriter. He enjoys watching movies and sports, traveling, spending time with family and friends, and eating good food.