Amanda Greene

Amanda Greene

Amanda Greene headshotPolice Communications Operator (PCO) Amanda Greene is the calming voice our police and security officers want to hear on a busy day. Greene works in the Police Communications Center — the central hub where PCOs dispatch calls, monitor radios, watch security cameras, assign Safe Walks, and so much more. 

Greene has been a PCO with the University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD) for nearly three years. "I became a PCO to advance my communication skills and to assist others in a positive way," she says. 

From her first day on the job, Greene was put to the test. During her first shift, a shooting occurred. She was working the shift alone and there were no supervisors nearby. She says that was her most memorable day on the job. Since then, Greene has been recognized for assisting UMB police officers by providing updates to apprehend a shooting suspect. 

Being a PCO comes with challenges. Receiving calls from angry or scared community members can be difficult, but Greene says she remains calm and tries to get as much information as possible so she can help them. 

"My favorite part of being a PCO is having the opportunity to advance while learning multiple skills," says Greene. "Our UMB community can help me do my job by being vigilant. If you see something, say something. It can save a life!"

Outside of work, Greene likes to bowl, attend sip-and-paint parties, go to amusement parks, nap, and travel. She's a songwriter and the owner of a residential cleaning company. She aspires to one day become an officer of compliance or a pilot dispatcher.