Academic Training

Academic Training is employment (paid or unpaid) directly related to a student's field of study and is permitted while the student is enrolled in school or after completion of the J-1 Exchange Visitor program. Exchange students may participate in Academic Training part-time (less than 20 hours per week) while classes are in session and full-time (up to 40 hours per week) after the completion of the exchange program. Students wishing to participate in Academic Training upon completion of a program must apply for it through the OIS before their DS-2019 expires and begin employment within thirty (30) days of completion of studies.

Before starting Academic Training, you must have written approval from an International Student Advisor from the OIS.

Eligibility for Academic Training

  • You must be in the U.S. primarily to study rather than engage in Academic Training.
  • Your proposed Academic Training must be directly related to your major field of study as listed on the DS-2019.
  • You must be in good academic standing.
  • You must have permission to stay in J-1 student status and apply for extensions as necessary.

Time Limitations

Masters students are eligible for 18 months of academic training, or length of program, whichever is less.

Doctoral students are eligible for postdoctoral Academic Training not to exceed 36 months. Postdoctoral training can be approved in a maximum of 18 month increments. Students who have had earlier academic training must subtract that period of training from their postdoctoral allowance.

Non-degree J-1 students are eligible for the same amount of academic training time as their studies at UM.

You should be aware that part-time employment for Academic Training counts against the time limit the same as full-time employment.

Approval for Academic Training

  • A signed letter from your Academic Advisor approving the Academic Training which includes the goals and objectives of the training, a description of the training, including it's location, number of hours/week, and the start and end date of the training.
  • A Job Offer Letter must be on company letterhead. It must include the salary, the location of employment, a description of the training and how it relates to your field of study, the start and end dates of employment, and the name of your supervisor.
  • Upon receipt of these letters, please schedule an appointment with the OIS at least 30 days before program completion. At the appointment, an updated DS-2019 showing the Academic Training authorization will be issued.