Students and Employees

Student Demographics

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Enrollment in fall 2022 was 6,931, and graduate and professional students account for 86% of campus enrollment.

Enrollment by Programs

This graph depicts enroll of different programs at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.


This is the number of employees of University of Maryland, Baltimore. There are 3,201 faculty members, 2,777 Executive/ Professional, 1,266 Support Personnel, 7,244 Total Regular Employees, 798 Student Employees, 8,042 Total Employees. Employee Demographics: 63% female, 37% male, 23% African American, 47% Minorities


There were 8,042 employees in fall 2022, of whom more than 3,200 were faculty and nearly 800 were graduate assistants and postdoctoral fellows. A majority of employees, including faculty, identify as female. About 20% of regular full-time faculty are tenured or tenure-track, and 28% of all faculty are part-time adjuncts.