Self-Service for Managers

Listed below are resources to assist managers with updating or changing the personal information of their employees. With eUMB Self Service, you can now update or change certain job and personal information online without having to complete any paperwork.

The Basics

1. Log in to the myUMB portal and navigate to your eUMB HRMS tool. Navigate to Self Service > Manager > Tasks.

2. The following tasks can be completed by the Manager in eUMB HRMS:

  • Employee Campus Contact
  • Employee Emergency Contact
  • Employee Home Address
  • Employee Leave Inquiry.

Changing employee campus contact information

1. The first screen after choosing any of the Tasks will be the search screen. Type in one or more fields to find the employee you want to edit:

2. The employee’s campus contact edit screen will appear. The current information is listed to the left.   Enter updated information to the right. Click the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Changing employee emergency contact information

1. Enter the emergency contact information for the Employee. Enter the correct information and click the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Changing Employee Home Mailing Address

1. Navigate to the ‘Home and Mailing Address’ task.
2. You will see the employee’s current information. To change this information, click on the link below the box that says ‘Update your Home Address’

To Look up Employee Leave Information

1. Navigate to UMB Employee Leave Inquiry task.
2. Type in the 6-digit Employee ID number of the employee you wish to search for.
3. Click the ‘search’ button.