ePAF--Electronic Personnel Action Form

The electronic personnel action form (ePAF) is an eForm - similar to the eTravel forms. ePAF gives the ability for departments to process personnel actions electronically.  ePAF is simple, concise, and guides users with selections, reducing the need for manual data entry from start to finish.  The form enables processing of employee actions through an electronic approval process that also allows users to see where an action is at any time during the approval process. 

The ePAF can be used to process the following types of actions:

  • Hire, Rehire, Transfer, and Concurrent
  • Job Changes - such as promotions, FTE changes, reevaluations, employee class changes and others
  • Status Changes - such as terminations, leave of absence and returns from leave of absence

ePAF replaces a time-intensive paperwork process subject to lost paperwork, errors, and inefficiency. ePAFs are originated in departments and have to go through a pre-defined electronic approval process, following a path similar to the current paper process. When submitting ePAFs, please be aware of the FY18 Processing Schedule January - June‌ to ensure timely and accurate action processing. It is recommended that departmental users complete the ePAF Initiator and Approver Training to become familiar with basic navigation and obtain an understanding of commonly used forms and terminology.

Secure access must be granted to initiate and approve ePAFs. Appropriate access roles (initiator, approver, and viewer) will only be granted to employees who have completed the eForms User Authorization Form and System Access Agreement and submitted it to HRServiceCenter@umaryland.edu.  It is recommended that departments submit all security forms for their area so that ePAFs that are being processed are not held up due to security concerns.

For ePAF assistance and questions please contact HRServiceCenter@umaryland.edu.

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