The University is using the Compliance Assist application to manage the FY2017 to FY2021 Strategic Plan.

You will create your SMART goals for the FY 2017 to FY 2021 Strategic Plan with Compliance Assist, which requires the following information:

  • SMART Goal = Pursue the “Carnegie Community Engagement” designation by preparing and submitting an application in the FY18 application cycle.
  • Keywords = Community engagement, best practices, diversity
  • Theme No. = 6
  • Strategic Outcome No. = 2
  • Start Date = Jan. 1, 2017
  • End Date = Sept. 30, 2017

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Instructions for Writing SMART Goals


  • Develop a comprehensive summary that is inclusive of each school and central department’s strategic plan, which in combination is the foundation of the University’s FY2017 – 2021 Strategic Plan.
  • A major component in the plan’s implementation, and no less than semi-annually, the University will report on the collective progress we have set out to achieve.
  • This Goal Alignment Template (above) can be used to help organize and develop your SMART goals, and facilitate data entry into the Compliance Assist application.


1. Each school or department goal should be written in SMART format for entry into Compliance Assist. For example:

  • Pursue the “Carnegie Community Engagement” designation by preparing and submitting an application in the FY18 application cycle.
  • Develop a plan in partnership with UMCP for operationalizing the expectations outlined in the Maryland Strategic Partnership Act of 2016 (SB1052) by February, 2017.
  • Establish by the end of FY17 “affordability metrics” that form the basis of a financial aid program to reduce UMB students’ debt burden.

2. Assign each goal in your plan to a theme, and a related strategic outcome.

  • Refer to the list of themes with their related Strategic Outcomes. Select the number preceding the name of the theme, and strategic outcome related to your goal.
  • For example, if your plan’s goal aligns with Theme 2: Research and Scholarship, and Strategic Outcome 4: A productive discovery-to-delivery research model that serves as a catalyst for economic development, place the number “2” in the cell, “Identify Theme,” and “4,” in the Strategic Outcome cell.
  • All department and school goals should be noted in the Compliance Assist application. If any goal in your school or department’s plan does not align to a University theme or strategic outcome, select the “not-applicable” option.

3. Provide the anticipated start date and end date for your goals.

If additional support is needed to facilitate your unit’s Strategic Plan development, please contact Karen Matthews at x62422. Throughout the implementation phase of the plan, additional guidance and resources also can be found on the Compliance Assist site.