Wills Week

Wills Week

October 16 - 22, 2023 was National Estate Planning Awareness Week, and UMB participated by providing free estate planning resources and hosted a virtual estate planning conference. 

Don’t have a will? You’re in good company.

58% of Americans do not have a will. The top seven reasons are:

  • Haven’t gotten around to it
  • Not enough assets to leave anyone
  • Too expensive
  • Don’t know how
  • Don’t have anyone to leave assets to
  • Takes too long
  • Rather not think about it


Wills Week Articles

2023 Wills Week Conference Presentations


Estate Planning Basics: The Fundamental Things You Should Know to Properly Plan For Succession and Transfer of Your Estate, presented by Shari Fleming


Assessing Your Needs, presented by Elena Sallitto, Esq.Partner, Stavely & Sallitto Elder Law, LLC

Planning For Your Future: What Is an Estate Plan and Why You Need One, presented by Christopher B. Walter, Attorney, Davis, Agnor, Rapaport & Skalny, LLC

Revisiting and Refining: The Final Important Steps to Enhance The Estate Planning Process, presented by Paul Caspersen, CFP®, MS, AEP, President & Founder, Planned Giving Interactive

Legal services, including estate planning services, are available to UMB employees through UMB Guidance Resources.