Qualified Charitable Distributions

Strategic Giving Through Your Traditional IRA

Have you passed your 70th birthday? Do you make charitable contributions? If so, you need to know about an option the IRS has created for donors ages 70½ and older — the ability to make tax-free charitable donations from a traditional IRA. 

Called qualified charitable distributions (QCDs), these gifts go directly from the IRA administrator to the charitable organizations you support, turning funds that are otherwise taxable into your personal tax-free giving fund.

Qualified Charitable Distributions with instructions to learn more about qualified charitable distributions and how to use your IRA funds tax-free for future gifts to UMB, one of its seven professional schools, or any other charitable organization you support.

For additional information or questions about QCDs or other strategic ways to support UMB, please contact E. John McKee, MA, interim associate vice president for philanthropy, at 410-706-2069 or jmckee@umaryland.edu.