Who We Are

We are elected representative members of the faculties from all seven schools that make up the UMB campus. Those schools include medicine, law, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, social work, and the Graduate School.

Each school has four or more senators, with larger schools having more seats on the senate in proportion to the size of the faculty in that school. We also have a representative from the Health Sciences and Human Services Library (HS/HSL), the adjunct faculty, and the staff and student senates.

Executive Committee 2019-2020

Dr. Joshua Abzug

Joshua Abzug, MD, President, School of Medicine


Oksana Mishler, RDH, DHSc, Vice President, School of Dentistry


Deborah Cartee, RDH, MS, Secretary, School of Dentistry, 2021

Dr. Michael Woolley

Michael Woolley, PhD, MSW, Past President, School of Social Work

School of Dentistry 2019-2020




Graduate School 2019-2020

Library Faculty 2019-2020

Everly Brown

Everly Brown

Carey School of Law 2019-2020

School of Medicine 2019-2020

School of Nursing 2019-2020

School of Pharmacy 2019-2020

School of Social Work 2019-2020

Staff Senate Representative

Faculty Senate Staff Member

UMB/CUSF Representatives

Dr. Susan Antol, School of Nursing
Dr. Karen Clark, School of Nursing
Dr. Paul Mulhern, School of Social Work

Faculty Senate Representative to the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)

Dr. Bruce Jarrell, Graduate School
Dr. Fadia Shaya, School of Pharmacy

Student Senate Representative

Amber Mueller

Administrative Support

Celeste Gerhart
Tyra Thompson