Radioactive Materials Authorization

Broad scope license issued to the University specifies that a person shall not manufacture, produce, acquire, receive, possess, use, or transfer radioactive material under the license except in accordance with a specific authorization issued by the Radiation Safety Committee and EHS.

Application for new uses:

Any individual who wishes to become an authorized user of radioactive materials must submit a Basic Research Application to EHS or a Human Use Application.

Application for an amendment:

Proposed changes to an authorization must be requested in the form of an application to the EHS.

Application for renewal:

Application for renewal of an authorization must be initiated by the authorized user before the assigned expiration date. This must take the form of written notification.

Note: Email is sufficient.

Upon approval, an authorization will be issued by the Radiation Safety Officer. Authorizations not involving research in humans are usually valid for up to four years. Authorizations for research in humans are usually valid for the duration of the proposed study.