Irradiator Access

Gamma Irradiators

Access to UMB gamma irradiator facilities requires users to undergo the Trustworthy and Reliable (T&R) process. 


  1. Contact Police Communication Supervisor Shawnta Privette at or 6-5491 to schedule fingerprinting. Here is a department billing form for the fingerprinting.
  2. Once the worker has been T&R’d, they must contact UMB Campus Police at 6-6882 to schedule security system access to assigned gamma irradiator facilities.
  3. After the worker becomes T&R’d and is granted access to the gamma irradiator security system, contact Radiation Safety at 6-7055 for instructions on how to access the gamma irradiator facility. NOTE: Radiation Safety will not instruct workers on the use of the gamma irradiator; this can be done by contacting T&R’d personnel assigned to approved irradiator.

X-Ray Irradiator

All personnel who wish to use the irradiator must contact Radiation Safety at 6-7055 to complete X-ray safety training.  After completing X-ray safety training, please contact the specific irradiator manager to gain access to the X-ray irradiator facility.