Instrument Calibration

Portable radiation survey instruments are required to be calibrated before first use (usually done at the factory), after repair of the instrument, and on an annual basis. The instrument should be labeled with a calibration sticker indicating the due date for calibration.

Radiation Safety provides calibration services for authorized users. Payment in the form of a completed UMB/EHS Interdepartmental Billing Form‌ must accompany the instrument due for calibration.

The costs of calibration are as follows:
Basic Calibration (per instrument with one probe): $35
Each additional probe: $10
Replacement Batteries: $ 5
Repairs/Parts: $Cost + 10 percent


Note: Instruments that need to be calibrated in dose rate (MR/h) or that cannot be calibrated by our office must be sent away for calibration. In these cases, there is a $25 shipping cost per instrument added to the price of calibration.


Bring with you the following, for your survey instrument to be calibrated:

If you have any questions, please contact Radiation Safety at 6-7055.