Chemical Waste Disposal and Labeling

To comply with applicable federal and state regulations, every hazardous waste container must be tagged or labeled properly using the Hazardous Waste Labels furnished by EHS the instant that the material inside the container is determined to be a waste.

Each waste container must be indelibly labeled with the following:

  1. The exact chemical contents preceded by the word "Waste" (e.g. Waste Ethanol, Waste Hydrochloric Acid, etc.) Generic identifications such as "Waste Solvents", Waste Pesticides, etc. are unacceptable. If wastes are in solution, the solvent must be identified even if the solvent is water. Labels must not contain abbreviations, chemical formulas or trade names.
  2. The estimated chemical concentrations (% by weight) of the wastes in the container. Concentrations must total 100%.
  3. The name of the Principal Investigator.
  4. Room Number and Building the waste is being removed from.
  5. A phone number for a contact person.
  6. The date waste was initially placed into the container. When a waste is moved from a Satellite Accumulation Area to a 90 Day Accumulation Area, the original date must be deleted and the date the waste was moved to the 90 Day Accumulation Area be applied.

NOTE: EHS has preprinted labels available. To request blank labels, call (410) 706-7055. If you do not have the Hazardous Waste labels furnished by EHS clearly label the container with the above information and the words "HAZARDOUS WASTE".

If the waste is packaged in its original container without any other wastes and the exact chemical contents are listed on the label under "Ingredients", the only additional labeling normally required will be the words "Hazardous Waste", the building and room number where the waste is to be picked up.