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Payroll Data Clean Up Campaign

Thanks in advance for your partnership on the HRMS timesheet clean up efforts that are underway to ensure the successful implementation of Quantum HCM.

The Office of the Controller (OOTC) – Payroll, reminds you that as we move towards implementing Quantum HCM, please focus on the following eUMB HRMS timesheet cleanup efforts:

  • Department payroll reps are advised to remind employees/supervisors to avoid any outstanding timesheets. Employees are required to submit an electronic timesheet each pay period, preferably on Monday, after the end of each pay period. A pay period date schedule is available.
  • A paper timesheet is required when timesheets are so late that they can no longer be processed electronically. Department payroll reps must also complete a reconciliation process when a timesheet is not submitted electronically. A reconciliation job aid is available.
  • When leave is reported on a paper timesheet, the department payroll rep must submit a payroll adjustment form to adjust the employee’s leave record.

Remember that final payouts cannot be processed if an employee has any incomplete/missing timesheets when they leave UMB.